How do I know my tyre size?

If you check the sidewall of your tyres, they have imprinted on them, a set of numbers and letters e.g. 205/55/16 91V.

This tells you that the width is 205, the profile is 55, the diameter is 16, the load index is 91  and the speed rating is V.  Please also check that all four tyres have the same size as some vehicle models have different sizes for the front tyres compared to the rear tyres.


If tyres are more expensive does this make them better?

Just because a tyre is a premium brand, it does not make it the best tyre for your vehicle. A tyre that has great road gripping qualities will be made of a softer compound and will not last as long as a tyre that has a harder compound and will need to be replaced more frequently. A vehicle that does a few thousand miles annually will have different requirements to one that is doing 50,000 miles a year. The cost of the tyre has to be balanced with your needs and we recommend that you speak with one of our experienced tyre advisors who can discuss your specific needs.


How much notice do I need to give for my fitting?

We offer a range of booking times from a month ahead to same day. We try to ensure the required booking date is met, but if you can schedule it with a day or two’s notice then it makes it easier for everyone.


Can I have my tyres fitted at home or work?

Yes, you can have your tyres fitted anywhere there is a flat surface and enough room around the vehicle for the fitter to carry out the tyre replacement.


What if I am unsure what tyre I need?

Please call one of our tyre advisors and they can discuss the options available.

Are the tyres guaranteed?

As we only supply and fit brand new tyres, they all come with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee against manufacturing defects, but this obviously does not cover punctures or other accidental damage. If you have any concerns please call us.


What is a Speed Rating?

It tells you the maximum speed that the tyre can be used safely in accordance with your vehicle.


How do I know if I have Run-Flat tyres?

Some manufacturers now design their vehicles with run-flat tyres and do not provide a spare wheel. The run-flat tyre is designed with a tyre wall strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle even when the tyre pressure is down to zero. In this state the tyre will offer safe handling for the driver in some cases up to 80 km/hr for a limited distance (See your tyre manufacturer’s technical information for accurate data on your specific tyres). Your tyre will have some form of notation on the sidewall – this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but is commonly RFT or SSR.


What is tyre labeling?

The EU introduced tyre labelling in November 2012 in order for some comparison between different makes of tyre. The label shows three key pieces of information about the performance of each tyre. This information is derived through standard testing that conforms to the EU’s exacting specifications.
These tests record each tyre’s performance in three areas: Fuel Efficiency, Wet Grip and External Rolling Noise.


Do you sell part-worn tyres?

Absolutely not – all of the tyres we sell are brand new and we actively campaign against the use of part-worn tyres, as evidence shows that a large majority of these tyres are illegal and unsafe. As the only part of a vehicle moving at 70 mph to be in contact with the ground, we feel that it is a case of common-sense and self-preservation.


Can I have alignment done on my vehicle?

To carry this out accurately, a completely flat surface is required so for a mobile fitting this would not be possible. However, if you require a centre fit we can arrange this for you.


Why is a locking wheel nut key so important?

Most wheels have locking wheel nuts that mean they are less likely to be stolen. But the keys to unlock the nuts are all different and the fitter does not have a master key for all vehicles. Without the locking wheel nut key the fitter will be unable to replace the tyres on the wheels. Please check that you have yours – it may be in the boot, glove box or other location.
(Check in your manufacturer’s handbook for the location before you order).


Will the tyre be balanced by a mobile fitter?

All mobile vans come with state-of-the-art balancing machines that can balance almost all size of tyres.


What other services do you offer?

As well as being able to offer alignment for most centre fittings, we have a Friends & Family scheme for all TyreFitDirect customers offering discounted servicing and MOTs.