Tyre Wall Notation

If you look at the side wall of your tyres, you will find the information to determine the size of your tyre. We have illustrated an example of these markings below.

Tyre Sizes

The tyre size 165/65 R15 81T is made up of the following information:

165 The tyre width in millimeters
65 The aspect ratio (height of the sidewall divided by the tyre width)
R Identifies the tyre construction type – in this case R is for radial
15 The diameter of the rim in inches
81 Load index (the maximum weight loading at maximum speed
T The speed rating (letter indicating the maximum speed for which the tyre is intended for use)

Tyre Age

A four digit age code on the sidewall indicates the week and year of manufacture. For example 2208 means the tyre was manufactured in week 22 of 2008.

Other Markings

M&S – Identifies if a tyre is specifically designed for use in Mud and Snow
DOT Codes – Coding contains a mixture of letters and numbers such as DOT DVDE MTA 129
E-Marks – Tyres for sale in the European Community must carry an E-Mark in accordance with ECE Reg 30 – e.g. E4 027550