Volkswagen Tyres


About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is now the second largest individual manufacturer behind Toyota. Formed in 1937 when only 1 out of 50 adults owned a car.

Volkswagen’s relationship with the UK dates back to 1952, when the first two Beetles were sold. In 1953 Volkswagen Motors Ltd became the official UK importer, and the brand went from strength to strength.

Volkswagen also centralised its operations in 1978, and moved into its headquarters in Blakelands, Milton Keynes. From Blakelands the company controls sourcing, marketing and distribution of all vehicles and parts in the UK.

Today Volkswagen UK, as part of the Volkswagen Group, is one of the country’s largest importers of vehicles, employing nearly 600 people nationwide, with the Volkswagen brand employing 180 in Blakelands alone.

Volkswagen Tyre Fitting

Our tyre experts work closely with manufacturers to find the best tyres for your Volkswagen, ensuring that you get the best performance, safety and price.

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